The International Press

“The simple preparation of spaghetti with yellow tomatoes and garlic at Lo Scoglio, a modest seaside family-run restaurant in Marina del Cantone, on the Amalfi Coast, was another of these epiphanies. While in both instances it’s nearly impossible to separate the natural beauty of the surroundings from the meal, the common thread remains the primacy of—and confidence in—restraint. (Not to mention in the peak ripeness and local cultivation of fresh produce.) ”

“Love affairs have been built on less, and mine with Lo Scoglio and the De Simone family has been going strong ever since. I come back at least once a year — by myself, with my dad, with my husband, with Italian relatives, with big and small groups of friends. Everybody loves Lo Scoglio.”

“Once you've arrived at Lo Scoglio, the rest of the world will fall away." And an exquisite falling-away is indeed what occurred over the next three days: The moment our gaze settled on the cerulean water with the Li Galli islands in the distance, the interminable journey was gone. The lingering buzz of Rome's motorinos, gone. An agenda as to what to do for the rest of our vacation, gone. And by the end of our visit, assumptions about what makes food good, gone.”

“The food at Lo Scoglio is simple and direct, as close to land and sea as it gets. Fork-tender octopus. Bracingly bitter escarole sweetened with raisins. Baby eggplant swaddling still-warm mozzarella. And the setting perfectly fits the meal. Despite the A-list regulars — Spielberg, Springsteen — the vibe is defiantly unpretentious. You can’t help but kick off your sandals and gaze out at the blue-green water while bees buzz around your dessert and boats buzz around the bay. That sun-drenched September afternoon was the beginning of my love affair with Lo Scoglio.”

“The simple spaghetti with zucchini, linguine con cicala and zuppa di pesce are likely contenders for the best meal of your life. Don't miss the verdure miste, a copper pan of cooked seasonal vegetables from the family's farm, capable of turning any carnivore a bit more green.”

"The freshest ingredients prepared in a simple, authentic and traditional manner make Lo Scoglio Italian cooking at its best. The service is excellent but not annoyingly formal—after all it’s a beach restaurant where most of the customers hop off their boats barefoot. The mood is relaxed, there are no scenes and, although there is always someone exceptional at a nearby table, no-one is showing off. The big deal at Lo Scoglio is the food. Eating at Lo Scoglio is the ultimate pleasure".

Come to Lo Scoglio Restaurant for the views of the Amalfi Coast, stay for Stanley Tucci's favorite spaghetti and zucchini dish, "Spaghetti alla Nerano". Premiere episode of "Searching for Italy".